Hair – strands of amino acids that people notice because they are attached to your head

Hair has always been a sticky situation for me as my mother has always told the hairdresser to give me certain hair cuts and that has never been a problem until i reached secondary school. My secondary school requires girls with long hair to plait it, however since i did not know how to do so and my mother was too lazy to help me, she decided to chop off my hair. That was when disaster struck. Every time i had a haircut (i had to keep it above my collar thats why i cut it frequently), it was a gamble. I would pray so hard that my hair did not turn out bad. Sometimes it was okay, others were plain disastrous. Especially the one i have on right now. It seems to me that my mother and my hairdresser for around 10 years (or more) have teamed up to come up with a bad haircut to beat the previous one. Sometimes i would look into the mirror and be like “whuuut the heeelll” (actually, it’s most of the time).

Hair has become an additional stress for me as it changes every time i go for a cut. Being the chairperson of my CCA, i have to debrief the CCA on their conduct and such after practice. How can i face the people with this disastrous hair… oh gawd. Luckily for me, i do not have to attend CCA for the next 3 weeks and i really hope my hair can grow in time so that i would look normal!




Hey there, this blog is about my life and my opinions on stuff. Anyways for starters, let’s get to know more about me!

#1. My name is S Durgaasini Xue Li.
#2. Outta my momma’s womb on third feb ninety-nine. (You do the math)
#3. My favourite colours are grey and red.
#4. Apparently, I have “child-syndrome” which is a moment when I turn childish.
#5. I love travelling.
#6. I love accessories, hats, beanies,etc. I buy ’em but I don’t wear ’em.
#7. I love photography.
#8. I like the number 3.
#9. I love nature.
#10. I have a serious fear of aquariums.